Another Way to Help Students

NVC employees contribute in many ways to help students – from spending time advising students, tutoring them so they earn better grades, to finding solutions to make the college process easier. 

Yet, another way employees can help students is through the Employee Giving Campaign. For as little as $5 per paycheck, or about 33 cents a day, employees can make a difference in a student’s life. 

While there’s just a few more days left of the campaign, showing support for students and local organizations is what makes NVC employees special. This year's campaign concludes on Oct. 31. In 2013, NVC employees gave $39,067, which translated into numerous scholarships for our students and community programs. 

To date, 66 donors have graciously contributed to the campaign. The goal is to engage at least 150 employees in donating to the campaign this year. 

Like myself, many of our students are first-generation college students who are seeking the opportunity to better themselves and their families. Despite the low cost and high value of attending a community college (about $2,000 per year), we make higher education accessible to so many more students when they are able to receive an NVC scholarship. 

Scholarships help students focus more on their studies and get engaged in college. For us, this means better students and ones who will don our purple caps and gowns during graduation. 

If you are interested in giving to NVC scholarships, the Alamo Colleges Foundation scholarships and programs, TheFund for the Arts or The United Way, see the instructions below on how to give. 

To donate:

• Go to:

• Campaign code: Alamo Colleges

• User name: jdoe12 (email without “”) Password: GIVEXXXX (last four digits of Banner ID. If Banner ID is 900078681, Password is GIVE8681)