Dustyn Taylor

“I came back to school because in the job market I was considered under qualified. I had the work experience but I lacked a degree.”

While Dustyn Taylor received an associate degree in General Studies from Northwest Vista College in May 2012, he hasn’t quite left.

Dustyn works in NVC’s I.T. Department and is currently attending Texas A&M San Antonio. He said it was the faculty at NVC that helped him get through some challenging classes and become a better person not only academically, but also in the workplace and in his personal life.

Since receiving his degree, Dustyn has found he can go further.

“My associate’s degree has given me the opportunity to attend Texas A&M San Antonio. I would have never thought I would be attending a major university. It also has given me the confidence I need for the workforce; and has made my family proud.”

His associate degree has also granted him other accolades. Dustyn wrote President Barack Obama a letter thanking him for his financial aid policies. Without financial aid, Dustyn said he wouldn’t have been able to go to school. Dustyn previously worked in the IT field, but he lacked a degree to go further in his career.

To Dustyn’s surprise, he received a signed congratulations letter from the president along with his picture. The letter says, “Michelle and I extend our warmest congratulations on your graduation. We hope you take pride in this significant achievement, which speaks to the skills and knowledge you have gained across years of dedicated study.”

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