Need Your Feedback on Associate Degrees

Each of the five college presidents were asked to share the information with their colleges and solicit feedback on the narrative for defining or intent of the A.S./A.A. degrees.

We are also looking for recommendations on the terminology that should be used on transcripts and diplomas (i.e., Transfer Course of Study; Concentration; etc.).

As such, I am asking for feedback by Dec. 1. This initiative will be the immediate focus for the SACS-COC review team next year. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools – Commission on Colleges required NVC to provide a focus report on our non-compliance as related to the assessment of A.A. and A.S. “majors” following our five-year report.

Our intent is to do what is in the best interest of our students in terms of making every course count towards their chosen baccalaureate transfer degree. Having a static and institutionally-defined list of courses (18-hour majors), may not be in the best interest of our A.A. and A.S. students.

The other factor is the limitation of financial aid for a bachelor's degree. Our graduates are averaging 90-credit hours, as reported from Institutional Research (IR). The average NVC student will utilize all of his or her FA/VA eligibility prior to completing the minimum 120 credit hours required for a baccalaureate degree. The presidents have asked IR for a disaggregation of the data by college and to list the percentages of the hours by core requirements, electives, program concentration and developmental courses. I will share this information when completed.

You can email me with your recommendations at rbaser@alamo.eduHere's a link to the Power Point on the degrees: [file 1]