Procrastinators’ Countdown Moving Ahead


That’s right, together we have brought that number down to just 34. So, once 34 more people consider participating in the NVC Cares. . . I Care faculty and staff campaign and decide to say yes, I will, then we will reach our goal.

Remember, you can give or pledge as little as $5. Maybe you might want to use your credit card and get points or miles. That will work.

If you have already participated, thank you. We appreciate you!

Here’s how to give:

  • Online by logging on at
  • Campaign Code: Alamo Colleges
  • User Name: Your employee email without “”
  • Password:  GIVEXXXX (last 4 digits of Banner ID – If Banner ID is  (example: 900078681, Password: GIVE8681)
  • Paper pledge forms are available in Manzanillo Hall, 104G. Please complete and return.

p.s. If you have questions or need help with the log-on, please email Lynne at or call her at 64135.