William Nelson

“You are always learning. You never stop, you can’t help but learn.”

Even though NVC student William Nelson has already received one associate degree, he’s on a mission to get a second before getting his bachelor’s degree.

In May 2013, William received an Associate of Applied Science in Digital Media. By the end of the fall 2013 semester, William will have enough credits to get a second associate degree in New Media Arts. He’s then on the home stretch to getting a bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University in San Antonio.

“It feels good to say that I have already accomplished one associate degree and I’m working on another.”

Through NVC’s Digital Media program, William is one of many students trying to get three degrees in four years – two associates and one bachelor’s.

William said he found his passion for Digital Media at NVC; and he felt he was no longer just a number.

“You get one-on-one attention with the professors at NVC and you don’t feel like you are just one out of hundreds of students. I wish I would have known about the value of community colleges when I got out of high school.”

William encourages students to get involved on campus.

“Don’t just come and leave. There is so much going on at the campus. There was a lot I didn’t experience or see and there’s so much to get engaged in.”

Favorite Vista Value: Learning

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