Alumna Q&A: Julissa Del Bosque, Class of 2014

Major or Study/Degree
Northwest Vista College
Associate of Biology & Liberal Arts with a concentration in Peace and
Conflict Studies

University of Texas at Austin:
Bachelor of Science and Arts:
Major- Biology
Minor/certificate: Pre-Health Profession & Business of Healthcare

Austin Community College (became a National Certified EMT)

Please share what you are doing now?
Currently, I am in the middle of a very busy semester balancing a 16 hour semester while studying for the MCAT that I will be taking in January.

During my free time, I am a mentor to incoming transfer students, as I was one myself just a year ago. Given this amazing opportunity I have the ability to share my knowledge and experiences that I have grown from.

At Northwest Vista is was involved with the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS), and now I am an intern for NSLS. I am in the middle of starting up a chapter at UT, keeping my fingers crossed that will be up and running by next semester.

Lastly I am involved in a few organizations to stay active and engaged on campus; American Medical Student Association, Longhorn EMS, and Hispanic Health Professions Organization.

What stood out for you most at NVC?
Going to NVC, I took up the opportunity to become very involved on campus and grew not only academically, but personally as well. Northwest Vista gives you the ability to make a difference in your community and till this day that stands out the most about NVC.

The doors that were opened were opportunities that showed the best of me and made me realize what I am capable of achieving. From an internship with the USDA, becoming President of Phi Theta Kappa, becoming a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success, completing the Learning to Lead Certificate, and becoming a Peer Mentor for SDEV classes, the opportunities that NVC provided for myself have impacted my life till today.

Who/What do you remember most about NVC?
Throughout our college experience you get lucky to stumble across a class that you least expect will impact you beyond the class room doors. That exact thing happened to me, taking Humanities I & II with Mr. Carlos Lopez at NVC.

That class not only opened my mind on how to see life, but changed the way I view society everyday. I tell myself daily to “take the road less traveled… that I will make all the difference.” I thank you Mr. Lopez, for helping define “who I am” and showing me the impact that one person can make on the world.

What has your associate degree done for you?
My associate degrees represent the stepping stones of accomplishments. A degree that no one can take away, a validation of the dedication of time I put into education and most importantly this degree propels me in the right direction towards medical school. My associate degree has started my journey to becoming a doctor.

How has your time at NVC influenced your academic, personal life and career?
My time at NVC influenced myself in believing that I can be successful academically. I was pushed during the two years at Northwest Vista academically and having that constant push started my drive to be successful not only at NVC, but at UT.

Connections and networking opportunities I gained at NVC have influenced my personal life by creating relationships and mentors that I can turn to as I continue my academics. I have a long journey before I become the pediatric doctor that I wish to become, NVC started off my career academically.

Do you have any advice for current NVC students?
Enjoy your time at NVC (it will fly by!), become involved on campus, and do not take for granted the amazing teachers that are there to see you be successful. Most importantly be open minded when taking classes, when you least expect it you might find a new passion.

Go to school for what you want, not for anyone else, but for yourself. NVC provides the opportunity for everyone to be successful, don’t take it for granted, and know that if you invest the time, you will see the person you knew you were meant to be.