“An associate degree serves as a reminder that I’m not done with my educational goals.” As a busy single mom of a teenage daughter, Angelica Esparza hasn’t pushed her educational goals to the side. After receiving her associate of arts degree from Northwest Vista College in 2010, her new objective is to get a bachelor’s… Read More

“Obtaining an associate’s degree at NVC was one of the greatest choices I’ve made in my educational journey.” Desiree recently completed an Associate of Science degree from NVC. She currently attends, and is employed at, the University of Texas San Antonio, working towards a bachelor’s degree in Community Health. Her next steps in education include… Read More

“I came back to school because in the job market I was considered under qualified. I had the work experience but I lacked a degree.” While Dustyn Taylor received an associate degree in General Studies from Northwest Vista College in May 2012, he hasn’t quite left. Dustyn works in NVC’s I.T. Department and is currently… Read More

“…Continuing on is the challenge that will be more rewarding then you can imagine.” Jeremiah graduated from Northwest Vista College in 2012 with an Associate of Applied Science in Digital Media. He also earned a Marketable Skills Achievement Award in Web Design and a Certificate of Completion in Digital Media. Currently, Jeremiah works at Northwest… Read More

“NVC has influenced me in the right direction of my goal to work in the field of Communication.” Katelyn is a 2012 Northwest Vista College alumni and a current Communications major at UTSA. She graduated from NVC with a degree in New Media Communications.  Katelyn also works part-time with the Northwest Vista College Public Relations… Read More

“An associate’s degree gave us a head start in creating our business.” Mark and Angela Walley both graduated from Northwest Vista College in 2007, with associate’s degrees in New Media Communication. The husband and wife team are now small business owners, working full time as filmmakers with their independent production company, Walley Films. Their experiences… Read More

“I have a lot of pride in my work and in my children from having attended NVC.” Matilde Rico earned her Associate of Arts in General Studies at Northwest Vista College in 2012.  Her success continued at UTSA, where she completed a bachelor’s degree in Sociology. Both a former student and employee at NVC, Matilde’s… Read More

“At Northwest Vista College I fell in love with learning.” Nanette Lechner received her Associate of Arts in General Studies from Northwest Vista College in 2012. Currently she is employed part time as a Student Success Specialist at NVC, working in the Dual Credit area. Nanette is also going to school full time seeking her… Read More

“My associate’s degree has been a stepping stone to further my education in a dynamic new world.” Richard Canfield graduated from Northwest Vista College in 2009, with an associate’s degree in Digital Media. He now has an active role in the local creative community as director of communications for Alamo City Film Festival, a nonprofit… Read More

“It all began with my associate’s degree at NVC.” After receiving an associate degree from NVC in 2011 in teaching, Thomas Rux quickly headed to Texas A&M San Antonio. He will graduate in the spring of 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in special education with generalist and ESL endorsements. As a full-time student, father and… Read More

“My associate’s degree gave me the confidence and head start to complete my bachelor’s and master’s degrees.” Virginia Leggett graduated from Northwest Vista College in 2000. She has gone on to successfully earn both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Professionally, she has also grown together with NVC, where she has worked since 1999. Virginia credits… Read More

“My associate degree has given me the opportunity to launch myself into an industry I always wanted to be in.” Click on your morning television and you may see the bright smile and upbeat personality of Cassandra Lazenby. The 2004 graduate of Northwest Vista College is the co-host of “Daytime @ Nine,” which airs weekdays… Read More